1 Kasım 2012 Perşembe

L'Oréal Turkey is seeking for a Human Resources Intern!

  • 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students.
  • Length: Minimum 6 months, maximum 11 months
  • 5 days in summer, part time 2,5(2 full+1 half) days during school period

Job Description:  
  • Support recruitment processes for internship&job positions
  • Training organizations & Follow up's
  • Implementing campus projects
  • Social media projects for contents in Facebook, Twitter and Blogger
  • Supporting routine HR office duties

18 Ekim 2012 Perşembe

L'Oréal Turkey is seeking for a Warehouse Intern!

If you are:
  • 3rd year Undergraduate or 1st year Master student who preferably study Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Logistics Management or related fields, can work for min. 3 max. 11 months; mininum 2,5 days in a week (2 full days + 1 half day)
  • Using Microsoft Office effectively especially excel
  • Fluent in English (both written and spoken)

Then you may be the one we are looking for!

Job Description:

  • Supporting warehouse operations and participates in the receipt, storage and issuance of supplies and materials
  • Assisting in the daily pick and packing of customer orders
  • Coordinate the information flow between supply chain functions within company and third party logistics service providers.
  • Returning material to stock and pulling stock for assembly department
  • Maintain a good communication and co-operation with all related departments
  • Analyzing and reporting data to logistics department in terms of inventory management, logistics management, and outsource operations.

Important Note: The internship is going to occur mainly in the plant at Tuzla/Tepeören but also supports some functions at head office.
Only the candidates who will provide a student certificate will be included in the elemination process.

Apply fromhttp://firma2.kariyer.net/website/isarama/ilandetay.aspx?ilankodusfr=tPXYezUupdQ%3d!e!&f=f15j&ulkeId=0&sehirId=0

12 Eylül 2012 Çarşamba

L'Oréal Turkey is seeking for Purchasing Interns!

Open to: 3rd year undergraduate or 1st year master students
Fields: Purchasing
Length: Minimum 6, Maximum 11 months; at least 2,5 days a week (2 full days + 1 half day)
Requirements: Excellent spoken and written English, engineering background, proficiency in MS Office and SAP applications (will be a plus), analytical and self motivated, proactive, innovative, result and action oriented, good at team work, knowlegde in materials and manufacturing

 Job Description:  
  • Assisting purchasing in reporting, communicating and organizing procurement activities, RFQs, tenders related to indirect
  • Follow up orders and deliveries

Looking for exciting job opportunities with the world leader in the beauty industry?

If you are looking for an exciting, demanding environment where business move fast, you have the freedom to develop your potential and have an enjoyable competitive working environment, then L'ORÉAL is for you.

Join our teams!

L'ORÉAL is an industrial company which manufactures and supplies 4.5 billion units annually in its 40 factories and 150 distribution centers. L'ORÉAL has 67,662 employees in 130 countries. We know that our employees are our greatest assets.

L´ORÉAL is an Equal Opportunity Employer

26 Haziran 2012 Salı

L'Oréal Turkey is seeking for E-commerce Interns!

If you are;

• A 3rd year Undergraduate or 1st year Master student who is business oriented, passionated by digital and preferably study engineering,
• Able to work for minimum 6 months; minimum 2,5 days in a week (2 full days + 1 half day) during university terms, 5 days in summer,
• Fluent in English (both written and spoken),
• Capable of using business mindset and anaytical skills,
• Good at computer literacy and Excel reporting skills,

Then, you might be the one we are looking for!

Apply from: http://firma2.kariyer.net/website/isarama/ilandetay.aspx?ilankodusfr=4lLJKL95sJk%3d!e!&f=f15j&ulkeId=0&sehirId=0

29 Mayıs 2012 Salı

Brandstorm 2012 Ulusal Final Galibi: Bilkent Üniversitesi

Brandstorm 2012 Türkiye galipleri 11 Mayıs tarihinde düzenlenen ulusal final ile belirlendi.

Bilkent Üniversitesi "Product Placement" takımı 14 Haziran'da Paris'te düzenlenecek olan uluslararası finalde ülkemizi temsil etmek üzere seçildiler.

Finalistlerimiz Hazal Yüksel, Özge Tezcan ve Onur Osmanoğlu'nu bu başarılarından dolayı tebrik ediyor, kendilerine uluslararası finalde başarılar diliyoruz.

17 Şubat 2012 Cuma


“PAZARLAMA alanında kariyer yapmak istiyorum” diyorsan L’Oréal seni Brandstorm’a çağırıyor!

             Kendine pazarlama alanında güveniyorsan,
       3. ,4. sınıf veya master öğrencisiysen*
okudugun üniversiteden oluşturacağın
3 kişilik takımınla 16 Mart tarihine kadar www.brandstrom.loreal.com adresinden kayıt ol!

The Body Shop markası için ürün serisi tasarla, iletişim kampanyanı ve pazarlama stratejini hazırla.

Ulusal Final’de kendini kanıtla ve Uluslararası Final için Paris’ e gitme ve okulunu uluslararası platformda temsil etme şansı yakala!

Senin seçeceğin ülkede hayallerinin tatilini yapma ödülünü kazan! 

Haydi ne duruyorsun takımını kur www.brandstorm.loreal.com adresinden hemen başvurunu yap!

Detaylı bilgi için:

*: MBA ogrencileri Brandstorm basvuru kapsami disindadir.

2 Aralık 2011 Cuma

L’Oréal Turkey is seeking for Marketing Interns!

L’Oréal Turkey is seeking for Marketing Interns!

Open to : Undergraduate and postgraduate students
Fields: Marketing
Minimum 2.5 weekdays during the Academic Year (2 full days+1 half day)
Job Description:
      -Support the local adaptation of advertising creative material; liaise with media buying agency.
      -Implementation of the promotional plans for product(s).
      -Analyse market and consumer data and make recommendations to management.
      -Interact efficiently with other departments (sales, logistics, training department…) to support marketing objectives.
           - Effectively and creatively use social media to develop and strengthen the brand visibility.

You will enjoy working at L'Oréal if you are;

-       a passionate person who will inspire your team and the people around you
-       naturally aware and inquisitive of trends, new products and consumer habits
-       a creative and an out-of-the-box thinker who challenges traditional methods
-       hardworking who will eager to learn
-       resilient who will easily adapt a new challenging environment
-       a clear communicator who can express her/his opinions openly
-       a logical and a rational thinker who can simplify a complex problem or a situation.

 Lenght: Minimum 6 months - Maximum 11 months